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Quick and Honest

If you are like most people you can't live without your car. Tim and his experienced staff at Muffler Brothers Belmont understand this and will help get you back on the road with fast, friendly service. You have a lot of choices of where to take your car when there is a problem and we thank you for considering your local professionals here at Muffler Brothers Belmont. At Muffler Brothers there is no hidden charges or additional shop cost or a fee for disposal of your oil.


Full Service Shop

Your Dayton area Muffler Brothers is a full service shop and we can provide services for all makes and models of vehicles from Oil Changes, Wiper Blades, Tire Rotation, New Tires, Fluid Flushes/Changes, Batteries, Starters, Alternators, Window Motors And More...


Commercial Services

From cars to RVs and buses to large commercial trucks, no job is too big or small, and our highly experienced and ASE certified mechanics are qualified to work on any models and makes.


ASE Certified

Quick and honest Auto Service


Exhaust System

Engine Diagnostics

Heating & A/C

Steering & Suspension

RVs / Buses / Trucks


Brake  Services


One of the most important part of any vehicle is the brakes. Without them functioning properly and you can find yourself in trouble very quickly.


We service complete brake systems on all makes and models of vehicles. Some of the parts and services we repair include:


Brake Pads

Brake Shoes


Brake Lines/Hoses

Calipers/Wheel Cylinders

Troubleshoot and diagnose ABS systems

exhaust muffler

Exhaust Systems


Can you hear a rattle with your exhaust? Worried about the emissions? Our expert technicians can help you to identify and repair exhaust issues before they become worse and cause you more money. We can also repair and replace any of the following;


Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust Manifolds

Flex Pipes

Catalytic Converters


Dual Exhaust Systems

Custom Pipe Bending

Flowmaster Mufflers

Magnaflow Mufflers

And More...


check engine light

Engine Diagnostics


An automobile’s check engine light is designed to alert you when your car is experiencing any number of problems, ranging from a simple loose gas cap or something serious like a misfiring engine. You should never ignore the check engine light. Doing so can cause expensive damage to your car. Bring it in and have use check the the following issues;


Check Engine Lights

Tune-Up Services

Sensor replacement

Gasket Replacement

Troubleshoot and Diagnose Drivability Problems

and more ...


Heating & A/C


When your cars heating or A/C is not working properly it can make you very uncomfortable. In addition to that it may be a sign of a major issue. Bring it in and have use check the the following issues;


Coolant Flushes

Blower Motors



A/C Recharge

A/C Components

Trouble shoot and Diagnose Heating and A/C Problems

And More...



Steering and Suspension


Proper steering alignment keeps you moving straight ahead, while a maintained suspension system keeps you from feeling any bumps along the way. Muffler Brothers helps set you in the right direction with a safe and smooth ride. Bring it in and have use check the the following issues;


Ball Joints

Tie Rod Ends

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Alignment


Shocks & Struts

Coil Springs

Air Suspension

Stabilizer/Sway Bars

And More...


RV Bus Limo

RVs / Buses / Commercial Trucks


We service RV's, Buses, Limo's and other large vehicles. Come see us for your service needs.


Oil Changes

Wiper Blades

Tire Rotation

New Tires

Fluid Flushes/Changes




Exhaust Systems

And More...


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